Zero Tolerance Policy

Wellesley Youth Baseball and Softball is committed to providing every participant with a positive baseball/softball experience. The fabric of youth participation in a sports league is held together by good sportsmanship and the mutual respect for everyone involved. To ensure the quality of our program and the safety of all participants, we will enforce the following Zero Tolerance Policy:


  • The only time coaches can interact with an umpire is to do the following:
    • Review the field's ground rules before the game.
    • Interpret rules during the game.
    • Point out emergencies.
    • Respond to the umpire, if addressed.
    • Thank them after the game.
  • No other coach-initiated interaction with an umpire is acceptable.
    • No disputing calls during or after the game.
    • No yelling at the umpire.
    • No criticism, sarcasm, harassment, intimidation, or feedback of any kind during or after the game.
  • The umpire has the right to immediately expel a coach who violates this policy.
  • Umpires are to report any violation to the Umpire Coordinator within 24 hours. The Umpire Commissioner should report the violation to the appropriate League Commissioner.
  • A first offense will incur not only be expelled from the current game, but an additional one-game suspension.
  • A second offense will incur an additional three-game suspension.
  • A third offence will incur a lifetime ban from coaching any WYBS team.
  • Coaches who have concerns about an umpire's ability are encouraged to contact the Umpire Coordinator.


  • Parents are not to address umpires, opposing coaches, or opposing players either directly or indirectly before, during, or after a game.
  • No yelling, jeering, questioning, criticizing, or feedback of any kind.
  • Any parent who addresses an umpire will be ejected from the field for the first infraction.
  • Further infractions will result in suspension from the league for the rest of the season.
  • Parents should also try not to address players or coaches on their own team during a game, as it can be distracting, confusing, and counter-productive.
  • If you would like to speak with your child's coach, please arrange a separate meeting time that is mutually agreeable.


  • No umpire is to interact in any way with a parent of fan.
  • An umpire who feels bothered by anyone outside the fence should immediately stop the game, convene with both team managers/coaches, and tell them to inform their spectators of the Zero Tolerance Policy.
  • Any spectator who continues will be ejected without further warning.
  • If a spectator refuses to leave, the umpire will stop the game and that spectator's team will forfeit the game. If a spectator's affiliation is unclear, the managers will clear the field of all spectators before resuming play.
  • If at any time anyone is, or may be, in danger, the police are to be called immediately.

Approved by Wellesley Youth Baseball and Softball Board of Directors, March 2016