Softball Tournament Teams

10U, 12U, 14U

Wellesley Girls Softball is once again forming tryout-based select teams to practice indoors this winter and represent Wellesley in some weekend tournament in late May and June of 2025. The teams are intended for players who, relative to their ages, have a solid foundation of skills and are ready for additional developmental and competitive opportunities to supplement our recreations programs. We expect to have one 14U team, one 12U team and at least one (hopefully two) 10U teams. 

Eligibility: Girls, who in academic year 2024-25, will be in: 
Grades 4 & 5* (generally 10U)
Grades 6 & 7 (generally 12U)
Grades 8 & 9 (generally 14U)
*5th graders who are very old for their grades, born in August 2013 or earlier, are 12U and should sign up by July 15

Coaching: While assignments have not been finalized, the teams will be led by a combination of professional coaches and experienced parent volunteer coaches. Specialized pitching instruction will be provided.

Tournament Schedule: Certain weekends beginning in late May (including Memorial Day Weekend) through June 2025

Winter Practice Schedule: 14U & 12U winter practices will be late in the day on Sundays beginning in January 2025. 10U practices times are not settles, but at least one 10U team likely will practice late in the day on Sundays as well. (There will be fall and spring practices too, and they have not been scheduled at this time)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Team Selection:

  • Question 1: How big will the rosters be? Will there be cuts?
  • Answer 1: At 10U, we hope to take a relatively inclusive approach enabling us to field two 10U teams. at 12U & 14U, there will be one team and fewer roster spots available, although there is no fixed number. It is possible that some roster spots may be "rotating", meaning some girls may not attend every tournament.For all levels, depending on the signup patters, it is possible that not everyone  who signs up will be offered a spot. When signing up, we ask parents to be mindful that this program is intended for girls who already have a solid foundation of skills relative to their ages.
  • Question 2: How will you decide who makes the teams? And who decides?
  • Answer 2: For each level, we will hold evaluation sessions (scheduled later). Roster decisions will be based on our observaions at the evaluations together with our existing knowledge regarding the girls. Decisions will be made by the program director and coaches who do not have daughters in the player pool.
  • Question 3: If we are unable to attend the evaluation, can my daughter still be considered for the team?
  • Answer 3: Yes, we will still consider her.  Participation in the evaluation sessions is not required but is highly encouraged.  If we cannot make a confident assessment of her level of play relative to others, we may not be able to offer her a spot.
  • Question 4: If my daughter doesn't make the team this year, will she have a chance in future years?
  • Answer 4: Yes. The teams will be re-selected annually.

Schedule & Registration Fee

  • Question 5: When will we know the practice and tournament schedule?
  • Answer 5: See the information above which should give you a pretty good idea of the schedule.  A more precise winter practice schedule will be communicated this fall, and a more precise tournament schedule slightly later, by December.  There will be outdoor fall and spring practices as well, which will be scheduled later.
  • Question 6: How much is the registration fee?
  • Answer 6: These teams bear significant costs for things like indoor cage rental, tournament fees, and professional instruction.  However, thanks to our nonprofit status and contributions by parent volunteers, we are able to offer these tournament teams at a cost far lower than what comparable for-profit club teams charge.  The exact fee is uncertain at present, but is likely to be in the same ballpark as our prior tournament teams, which have varied between about $550 to $1,100 per player, exclusive of team gear costs.  Team gear may add an additional $200 per player (not applicable to returning players unless they have outgrown something).
  • Question 7: When is payment due?
  • Answer 7: After evaluations, a $150 installment payment will be owed immediately to secure invited players’ roster spots and to cover fall activities.  The balance of the fee will be owed in December/January, after the schedule has been nailed down and communicated.  All payments are nonrefundable.
  • Question 8: My daughter plays another sport during the winter.  Does she need to attend the winter softball practices?
  • Answer 8: We understand that girls may play other sports in the winter and in general are supportive if girls choose to prioritize those sports in the winter.  However, for girls whose skills initially are less developed, their roster spots may be conditioned on strong attendance at winter practices.

Playing Time/Positions

  • Question 9: How will playing time and positions be allocated?
  • Answer 9: As these are competitive teams, the more skilled girls will tend to play more, and will have more opportunities at premium positions.  But all girls on the team will receive significant playing time in each tournament that they attend, especially in the Friday/Saturday pool games (perhaps less so in the Sunday playoff games).


  • Question 10: Will there be opportunities for parents to volunteer?
  • Answer 10: Yes!  We need parents to volunteer as coaches, to supplement the professional coaching.  We also will need a parent on each team to gather documents and signatures for the “binder” for submission to USA Softball.
  • Question 11: Can my daughter do this program instead of spring softball?
  • Answer 11: For 10U & 12U, no.  Spring softball (Junior and Senior Leagues) remains our principal program, and tournament team players are required to participate in spring softball.  For 8th graders in 14U, however, participation in spring softball (Senior League) is encouraged but not required.
  • Question 12: Will you be offering developmental opportunities for girls who don't play on these teams?
  • Answer 12: Yes! Player development, supported by professional instruction, is an important component of both spring and fall softball, which are open to all.  For 4th-5th graders, we offer our highly popular Softball Rocks program in February-March each winter, run by high school varsity players.  Parents looking for additional options should consider clinics run by Frozen Ropes in Natick and Sluggers in Medfield.
  • Question 13: Who can I contact with additional questions?
  • Answer 13: If you still have questions after carefully reviewing all of the material above, you may contact the program director