Wellesley Youth Baseball - An Overview

Wellesley Youth Baseball (Wellesley Little League) has been a Wellesley tradition since 1952. Parents, coaches and volunteers are what make Wellesley Youth Baseball so special and why it is still one of Wellesley's most popular youth sports.

Our seasonal registration programs typically open around theses dates:

Spring registration typically opens Nov. 1st
Summer registration opens on May 1st.
Fall registration begins on July 15th

Spring Baseball is WYBS’s core program and the primary league for players from Little League ages 5 - 16. The program is comprised of 7 separate leagues, Rookie, 8U-A, 9U-AA, 10U-AAA, Minors, Majors, and Senior Baseball, each of which is designed to provide a quality developmental experience that is focused on fostering a love of the game, while providing players appropriate competitive challenges. Players of all abilities are welcome to participate.

While WYBS conducts evaluations prior to each season to ensure proper placement of players based on their current skill level, there are no tryouts. Everyone who registers to play makes a team and is placed in the league best suited for their age group and ability level.

These are the seven (7) WYBS Spring Baseball divisions. For more detailed information on the league makeup, please click the button above:

  • Rookie
  • 8U - A
  • 9U - AA
  • 10U - AAA
  • Minors
  • Majors
  • Senior Baseball
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Each season, WYBS will conduct a formal evaluation of all players starting in 1st Grade up to 6th Grade. WYBS board members and league commissioners will gather data from prior coaches and evaluations, as well as the formal evaluation day that each player should attend each season. That information, alongside the players Little League age, grade level, and school district, will help inform a process of placing players in the appropriate league for their age and current skill level. This is done to ensure a safe and developmentally appropriate environment for each player that will provide each individual player the best opportunity for both enjoyment of the game, as well as skill progression.

In addition to our core Spring Baseball Season, WYBS offers a multitude of additional leagues (both competitive and just for fun) and developmental programs that players can take advantage of. Each program is designed to provide players of all skill levels additional baseball coaching and playing opportunities.

    Spring Travel Baseball is intended to be a supplement to the Spring season for more dedicated players seeking an opportunity to compete against all-star caliber teams from nearby towns. Players must also play Spring Baseball to be eligible.
  • SPRING CLINICS (Rookie, A & AA only)
    Spring Clinics are designed to provide our younger players with some professional coaching and skill work during their spring season and are available to all participants at no additional cost.
    At the end of the spring season, WYBS enters a team into the 12 year old Little League International Tournament. You may be familiar with this tournament as the final round of games is played in Williamsport, PA and is broadcast on ESPN. The selection process for this tournament team is extensive and more information on that process can be found by clicking the button at the top of this page.
    Summer Travel Baseball is intended to provide players from Little League ages 8 – 12 with an opportunity to play competitive baseball throughout the summer months. Teams are formed via a tryout and selected into both A & B divisions to ensure each player plays with and against players of similar skill.
    Hometown Baseball is intended to provide all players with fun, easy-going, sandlot style baseball during the summer months. All players are welcome to participate regardless of skill. All games are local and played against other Wellesley players.
    Fall Baseball is intended to provide those who want to continue playing baseball an opportunity to do so in a relaxed environment during the fall months. The commitment is significantly less than our spring league as many athletes are prioritizing other sports like Football, Golf & Soccer. Fall ball provides a great opportunity for any first-time players to give it a try, or for the most seasoned players to continue honing their skills and playing the game they enjoy.
    Winter Clinics are designed to provide players with professional coaching and skill work during the off-season and are available to all players at an additional cost.
    The Jr. Raiders program is designed to complement the existing WYBS seasons (fall, spring & summer) by providing those players with a higher level of interest in developing their all-around skills and knowledge of the game, as well as a desire to play with like-minded and skilled players looking for a more robust baseball experience similar to what you would find in a private club/travel baseball program. Jr. Raiders plays their games as part of the Spring Travel program and is currently offered for select age groups only. We hope to expand the program to additional age in groups in the near future. All players must participate in Spring Baseball to be eligible for Jr. Raiders.

Players are expected to have their own glove. Most players bring their own helmet and bat but coaches will have some equipment for players to use.

Financial hardship should not prevent anyone from playing baseball. Requests for fee waivers or reductions should be directed to the WYBS administrator: wellesleyybs@gmail.com

We welcome feedback on all aspects of our programs.